Staff can publish Vimeo Videos to Plus and Direct Broadcast


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Required Modules

Team Hub

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Vimeo paired with K4Community allows staff users to publish Vimeo videos to Plus via Posts and to schedule Vimeo videos to Direct Broadcast.

Key Benefits

  • Take advantage of the millions of pieces of content available on Vimeo to create resident engagement opportunities
  • Share community video updates to Plus and Direct Broadcast using Vimeo’s enterprise video solution


K4Community Modules: Team Hub, Plus
Optional: Direct Broadcast

End-To-End Experience

Publishing a Vimeo Video Using Post Manager

  1. The staff user will create a Post in the Post Manager and paste a Vimeo video link in the link field
  2. Resident users can see the Post in Plus and watch the video

Publishing a Vimeo Video Using Event Manager

  1. The staff user will create an Event using the Event Manager and select “Virtual Event” and then “Vimeo Video”
    1. If the staff user would like to schedule the event to be played on the community TV channel (note: K4Community Direct Broadcast is required), they can chose the channel as a destination
  2. The staff user will publish the Event
  3. The resident user will be able to see the Event in Plus and can watch the Vimeo video
  4. If the Event was published to play on the community TV channel, residents can watch the Vimeo video at the scheduled time on their in-room TV

More Information

For more information, view the below Support Center articles:


Deployment Impact



The staff user can integrate Vimeo with K4Community with no assistance needed from K4Connect. If you are interested in K4Community Direct Broadcast, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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